Content marketers, what’s in your tool shed?

Welcome to the Tool Shed!  Your friendly neighborhood spot where content enthusiasts can learn about online tools specifically geared towards them.

Over the last year, I’ve discovered a plethora of content creation sites I think should be in every content marketers tool shed.  Based on my experience, not only do these sites provide you, the business owner, with a creative outlet to promote your professional and/or personal brand.  They also offer your clients an opportunity to build a robust content marketing strategy that integrates novel tools, ideas and approaches to engage and grow their audience and/or customer base.

Let’s get things started with the following three sites I’m most fond of because of their (1) ease of use, (2) visual appeal, and (3) ability to reach and engage a large number of people:


As a wannabe videographer, I had so much fun using GoAnimate to create this video.  Once I figured out the menus and designed my main character, the hardest part was coming up with a concept and the script.  It’s always best to stick with what you know, so, with my burgeoning company in mind, I produced the first episode of Engage – an animated call-in show about content marketing hosted by my virtual alter ego, Babs.


I initially joined Pinterest to extend my brand as I had been doing with LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.  After using it for about an hour, I quickly realized that, unlike Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest drew me in with images of mouth-watering foods, exotic places and spaces, and a seemingly endless array of inspirational designs…vs. lines of monotonous text.  After Pinterest introduced its business accounts, I jumped at the opportunity to use it as another content channel for Bahafis Creative to curate boards that showcase the field of content marketing through images and videos.

Bahafis Creative @ Pinterest

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I’ve been interviewing over the last few weeks – one must be flexible in this economy 🙂 – and I typically ask the following question to gauge how much or little my interviewers know about new technology, “Have you heard of slideshare?”  To my surprise, not one interviewer has known what it is.  If you haven’t heard, step into the a.m.  Acquired by LinkedIn in May 2012, SlideShare is a bustling virtual marketplace filled with people from all over the world who want to share or look at presentations, print collateral, podcasts, videos, or an über cool resume story.  Leave your USB drive at home.  Do not email your 50MB report to the 100 people who asked for it.  And please don’t print 200, single-sided copies of your 30 page presentation that will undoubtedly end up in a land-fill.  SlideShare it.

What content creation sites have you used and would recommend?


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